Megaconferencejr 2013

Hrvatska verzija

Students of Vinogradska Nursing School

29 Vinogradska

10 000 Zagreb

The Republic of Croatia


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Mr: Ban Ki Moon

United Nations Secretary General

The United Nations, New York NY 10017





Subject:Proposal to draft and adopt the Braille Signboards Declaration


Dear Secretary General,


We are students of Vinogradska Nursing School,Zagreb. The reason we are writing you this letter  is our wish to motivate the United Nations, all the countries in the world to solve the problem we have found important. The issue is about the rights for the partially sighted. We strongly believe that they should be treated with meticulous care and ought to be offered better services in order to facilitate their social, emotional and economic independence.


Last year, we worked on a project aimed at stimulating people to exercise greater care to help the disabled. For that purpose we had several plates containing street names in Braille made. Furthermore, we got a certain number of souvenirs of Zagreb produced, designed for the blind and containing  a text in Braille. In case you  would like to know more details about it, you can find them on our website under the title: Culture of tourism- Healthy, healthier Zagreb.


As we have continued working on this project this year, we have come to the conclusion that the signboards for the blind and the visually impaired ought to be put in every public institution around the world.In that way the partially sighted would have exactly the same opportunites as the other citizens without disabilities to autonomously be engaged in daily activities.


After a thoughtful consideration we agreed upon implementing our idea, hopefully, with the support of the United Nations.Thus, we decided to send a letter to You, United Nations` Secretary General. In doing so we were even more encouraged by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities, and a series of documents the United Nation have implemented since the day they were founded until today.


Therefore, we would like the United Nations Organization to draw up and the General Assembly to adopt a document based on our idea. Its aim should be motivating member countries to provide more help for the partially sighted (the suggested title of the document is: the Braille Signboards Declaration)


A lot of students around the world,namely, the 2013 Megaconference participants endorse our idea, as you can see in the accompanying document.


2 May  2013, Zagreb

                                                                                Yours sincerely


                                                            Students of Vinogradska Nursing School